Upgrade Your Mic

Older Wunder Audio microphones are classic. You don't have to part with your legend to get a sound that is one step up from perfect. Simply Upgrade It!

Wunder Audio offers two types of upgrades:

CM7 GT upgraded to a CM7 GTS 
This upgrade puts a new circuit board in the mic which includes a silent relay switch that hard switches the mic to cardioid mode when the middle pattern, cardioid setting on the PSU is selected. It's as if there is a cardioid switch on the grill itself! In this mode, your CM7 GT will sound bigger and smoother like a CM7, but you will still have the old GT patterns to select. It's like two mics in one!
Cost to Upgrade: $200

Suprema Mod Upgrade
This mod upgrades all older Wunder Audio microphones to the current Suprema models, introduced in July of 2016. This includes upgrading the capacitor and various passive components, as well as cleaning and going through the mic to make sure everything is working properly. This upgrade includes one or two, depending on your mic, Mundorf Suprema capacitors, the highest quality German made gold filled oil capacitors that are graded Tier AAA, Best in Class. The upgrade opens up the sound of the mic in a big way. The sound spectrum opens, the sound staging emphasizes and creates a greater sense of air and transparency without the impression of a diminished mid and lower end response. The track sits perfectly in the mix even without EQ. The music is far less grainy and much more fluid, but the focus is sharper.

CM67, CM7GT, CM7GTS, CM49, CM50, CM12 - Cost to upgrade to Suprema $170
CM7 - Cost to upgrade to Suprema $300
CM7FET - Cost to upgrade to Suprema $85

Have an old Neumann, and you want to get that mic sounding better? We'll upgrade that too! Contact Wunder Audio for details.

Please only send mic without PSU or Cables. Contact Wunder Audio for shipping instructions.

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