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24-Channel Wunderbar with Cinema Display and Patchbay


The Wunderbar Console Featuring the Wunderbahn

The Wunder Audio Wunderbar is an analog console forged from inspiration, innovation and the bold desire to build the most impressive recording desk in the world. The result is a console so accomplished, it features The Wunderbahn, the worlds first desk to come standard with three vintage stereo bus flavors, and employs a fully symmetrically balanced discrete summing bus system. This unprecedented blend of performance, technology, and perfectly crafted build quality is simply the next standard in the pursuit of the perfect recording.



NEW! Introducing Wunderbar Super D.
An x8-channel, D-Sub version of the original Wunderbar.

  • 8-Channel Sections Supports D-sub25 8-Channel Cables
  • New iMac 27” Display Section
  • Expanded Inputs and Outputs
  • DAW D-Sub Inputs Plus Mult for Analog
  • Balanced Aux Masters
  • Track/Mix Flip and Insert Defeat Capability
  • Isolated DC Voltage Paths and Audio Paths

12-Channel Wunderbar


24-Channel Wunderbar

48-Channel Wunderbar

with Cinema Display

History of the Wunderbar

The Wunderbahn Summing Bus

Inside - The Transformers

Inside - Build Quality

Inside - Expandability

Inside - Signal to Noise

Inside - Sound Stage

Inside - PEQ2 Module

Inside - OP Amps

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Design your unique Wunderbar console

Customize your configuration to reflect your engineering style. Choose from a variety of console sizes and master section positions, internal Patchbay, and Cinema Display.

Here, Wunder Audio continues to cherish the proud tradition of handcrafted excellence. Over a dozen specialists ply their trade in creating the Wunderbar; cable builders alongside machinist, electronic engineers alongside cabinetmakers. All are world-class craftspeople whose purpose is the realization of the personal vision of the individual Wunder Audio customer. The Console utilizes the PEQ2 Channel Amplifier delivering from 12 to 60 channels. A "Fully Balanced Busing Scheme" is the heart of the Wunderbar, buffering the ground out of the equation. This results in significant increase in dynamic range while lowering noise substantially. There are transformer balanced direct outputs and inserts on all channels. The Stereo Bus champions The Wunderbahn and has three Stereo Amplifier choices: Wunder, 1272, and the 312.

The Routing Modules

Wunder Audio Powerbar

The 1046 Routing modules are fully transformer balanced Class-A Discrete. 

Each channel has a monitor fader that is flip-able with the main channel fader. Also featured are six buses with illuminated switches, four auxes that are switchable pre or post, Pan Defeat, 48V phantom, and "Opto Silent" mute. If the console is short loaded, the Routing modules will act as transformer-balanced inputs.

The Master Section

The Master Section includes a Control Room Monitor for monitoring six stereo sources, including buses. Mono, Dim, Mute, and Solo Clear are on large illuminated switches. 

Select from 3 sets of speakers or a headphone amp with separate volume control. The internal routing of subgroups to the stereo bus eliminates external patching, sparing monitor faders. The Eight-fader monitor section includes solo, pan, and placement into any of the buses. Talkback into any bus/aux is either latching, momentary, or remote. The master section has a large Illuminated master PFL, AFL Solo switch with Solo level.

Other features include: P&G 100mm Conductive Plastic Faders, thick hardwood end-cheeks in an unlimited choice of hardwoods, and full leather armrest.

Board Sizes

Available in 12 channel increments from 12-60 channels.

12 channels, 20 monitors, 1 Powerbar PSU, Exquisite Trim.

24 channels, 32 monitors, 1 Powerbar PSU, Exquisite Trim.

36 channels, 44 monitors, 2 Powerbar PSU's, Exquisite Trim.    

48 channels, 56 monitors, 2 Powerbar PSU's, Exquisite Trim.   

60 channel, 68 monitors, 2 Powerbar PSU's, Exquisite Trim.           

Exquisite Trim is 1.5" Solid hardwood (Oak, Walnut, or Roasted Coffee Bean Birch) and includes End Caps and Meter Bridge and Black or Brown Top Grain Leather Armrest.


NEW Exotic Wood package upgrades to an unlimited choice of wood. 

DAW or MIDI controlled Motorized P&G fader.         

Patch bay section for 8x 19" wide patch bays (bays not included).

Center section for 23" flat screen monitor (monitor not included).  

Insert enable/defeat panel via light-pipe buttons. - (Available on the TT patch bay section only)

Stereo Bus inserts.

Wunderbar stand w/ Black Hammerite Finish.