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The Wunder Audio CM7 Microphone - $6,995*

The Wunder Audio CM7 Tube Microphone comes with the original large-style U47 transformer that was used in the earlier U47's, including the legendary "Large Badge" U47. These first couple of hundred U47's are very sought after sonically. The CM7 transformer's larger size and high nickel content achieves better low end rolling off at 20 Hz, identical to the original U47 design, instead of 40 Hz. The smaller 40 Hz transformer that was used in later versions of the U47 was made with the 40 Hz roll-off as a requirement for the IRT (German Broadcasting Network). In modern day recording this capability to capture the low end frequencies is essential.

Package includes:

CM7, Plush Oak Box, Historical Shock Mount, Newly Designed Wunder Audio Power Supply, Original large Tuchel connected mic cable, Tweed Carrying Case. Comes standard with the M7 capsule.

*price as of August 1, 2012

"The more I use our CM7 and CM12...the more I love them.  The mics are clean, quiet, and full of robust flavour.  Everything anyone could ever want in a top notch vocal mic.  Thanks for the great work you do." Keith Gary, Chief Engineer, Blue Rock Studios

Thanks for being so darn obsessive about what it is you do. Your passion and committment clearly come through in the end result of the product. AMAZING. I can't say it enough. – Brian Kieta

"I should apologize to all the singers I've recorded before I have my Wunder. This mic captures the emotions of the vocalist outstandingly. This mic has something extra and it's touching..."

"Just got my new CM7. Wow!!!!! Many congrats! She is a beauty and a beast! I was speechless when I turned it on and tested it. – Carlos Fuchs